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Biogas Purification

Improved energy density with biogas purification

Efficient use of biogas requires removal of impurities, such as silicon compounds in cogeneration of electricity and heat (CHP) and carbon dioxide in production of fuel for vehicles. This way, the process will have improved energy density.

In a CHP system, the purification can be carried out so that the gas is dried, lightly pressurised and filtered with activated carbon. Usually this is an adequate procedure to lessen the need for maintenance of a CHP system.

In the production of fuel for vehicles, in processing biomethane, a purer gas is required, i.e. the carbon dioxide must be removed as thoroughly as possible to increase the methane content. Gas of this grade can also be injected into the gas network. Our solution is to use the purification technology based on water scrubbing and manufactured by Malmberg Water Ab, a company we represent.