Bosch boilers for steam and hot water

Bosch is a world-renowned expert in boiler systems of every capacity category. Until mid-2012, the boilers of Bosch Industriekessel were sold with the brand name LOOS, after which their name was changed to Bosch. Bosch has more than 140 years of experience in assembling industrial boilers, which means they have considerable competence in boiler systems. Strong capacity for innovation, quality awareness and efficiency are the foundation of their product selection and services. The more than 100,000 boiler systems delivered to more than 140 countries are testimony to the quality and reliability of Bosch’s industrial boilers.

Boiler plant components

A boiler system dimensioned to the company’s needs is a foundation on which to build durable competitiveness. Modules of boiler plant components that are ready to install are available to match Bosch’s entire product selection, which allows us to build configurations to suit each customer. All boiler systems can be fitted with touchpad displays, which are easy to learn to operate. Consistent control logic and integrated security procedures ensure the fully automated running of the boiler systems.

Optimal solutions through partnership

Trust and openness between partners are the most important prerequisites for mutual success. From the very beginning, Bosch, the leading manufacturer of innovative boiler technology, decided to distribute its products only through specialised expert businesses. SteamPro has more than 50 years of experience in energy production, which is also trusted by a global brand like Bosch. Cooperation with us helps you achieve optimal solutions to meet the needs of your business. Our experts will help you in designing the most suitable solution, so feel free to contact us!