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HydroHeater Unit

Agile HydroHeater backup heat unit saves the day

The small and agile HydroHeater backup heat unit arrives quickly and handily pulled by a van. At best, connecting and preparing for use take only fifteen minutes. HydroHeater does not require continuous monitoring by an operator, but can be left alone to produce energy. The rental period of the equipment varies from one day to several months.

HydroHeater suits the following applications

  • As backup energy when district heating is interrupted
  • To produce hot water
  • To thaw frozen ground and snow
  • To heat halls with blowers
  • To work on bridges
  • To dry concrete with floor heating
  • To preheat district heating pipes
  • To heat oil/water tanks
  • To slip line sewers

Benefits of HydroHeater backup heat unit

• Can be connected to mains electricity
• Integrated electric engine-generator
• Oil-heated boiler of 103 kW
• Unmanned (no need for continuous operator attendance)
• GSM control, SMS alert in case of malfunction